Hi There! I am Sneha!

An engineer turned into a graphic designer!

I like to create graphics and to play with colors and fonts when I am not kept on my toes by my little daughter!
But I absolutely love it when I am doing it for someone else. When I know I am simplifying another business owner’s designing struggles and providing her the perfect solutions to have beautiful graphics that she is excited to use for her business and confidently share them with the world!
I like to make designing as simple as possible for all those online business owners who feel like designing is not her/his forte. I provide simple designing tools that they can use to create beautiful graphics in minutes and create their next digital product or start promoting their product/content on social media with confidence or build a perfect brand that suits them and their audience!
I know the struggle is real when it comes to designing graphics and you have no clue about how to achieve the results that you have in your mind.
When I started my own blog for the first time, a mom blog that I ran for two years, I thought it would mostly involve writing skills but soon I realized that 50% of the work is related to graphic designing!! Never would have imagined it!
Fortunately, I loved designing graphics and soon I started spending most of my time creating graphics ( or you can say playing with the graphics ) instead of writing content!
I spent most of the time learning different tricks to achieve different results in my graphics and then started helping my business owner friends with designing those pretty lead magnets or the digital product and promotional social media graphics for them.
It was then I realized how much I loved it when a little help from me in the design could make my friend’s life easier. So, I started my new business as a graphic designer.
Now it’s my passion to help my people for whom designing is a huge roadblock in the path of their success, to make the designing part easier and simpler as possible.

And I believe designing doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be fun!

So my friend, if you are looking for help with the designing struggles then here I am offering my hand to you. Explore the different designing tools that I offer and choose what you think could help you the best. Or if you need any direction, please reach out to me via email at sneha@snehadesigns.com and share your struggle. I will be more than happy to help you out!

Happy designing :)!!